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A Bungalow Earns a New Plan

Architect Amy Dutton and her family reside in a New Hampshire bungalow — an anomaly on a road lined with Victorians and colonials. The home was the tiniest on the block before Dutton added the square footage her family wanted. “We loved this home back to life with updated materials, but we lost touch of the home’s age,” she says.

Neighbors used to discuss the home as having an old-world feel because of its dark, broken-up rooms. “But after shooting down three major walls and adding dormers, the home now feels more expansive and has a glowing and welcoming personality,” says Dutton.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Amy Dutton and her family of 5
Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Size: 2,400 square feet
Year built: 1910

The entry backyard has a lush, welcoming feel. Bamboo, lollipop cherry trees and other landscaping create privacy. Prefinished shingles in green give a natural look that blends with encircling foliage.

Mahogany decking juxtaposes nicely with the green siding. “Every single home on this desired block has a front porch that individuals use as an extension of the living room,” says Dutton.

amydutton Home

A ceiling vignette captures how old meets new in the home: A fresh lighting fixture casts a warm glow on the first wood ceiling.

Dutton opened the living area by eliminating an entry wall and adding a half wall and also a column.

She removed walls between the living room and the dining space to create more open space. Visual interest is provided by A aluminum accent wall without deviating too far in the neutral palette of your interior.

Dutton, a supporter of all things preloved, utilized architecturally reclaimed pieces throughout the home, such as this pocket closed from a church. Sunlight is ushered in by the light panel of the door whilst preserving privacy.

This perspective shows how Dutton was able to create a more open-concept kitchen, dining area and living room. Rather than a stationary island she still uses an antique nun’s table on casters and easily stored pub stools for more flexibility in the kitchen.

The mudroom’s built-in fir cubbies and extra-tall five-panel storage closets work difficult for the entire family.

The family can input the mudroom in the driveway or the patio.

Hale Landscapers created the flagstone patio and the pergola over the outdoor dining area.

The drop is pretty, but what Dutton likes the most is its outside shelf, which hold plants and doubles as a pub for outdoor parties.

Upstairs, the kids’ bathroom features plenty of hooks, storage baskets and shelving components. Radiant-heat flooring keep feet warm in the winter.

This reading nook is the focus of dormer. “It is the only first dormer in the home, and I believe we maintained it nicely,” says Dutton. She’s not one to waste storage area, so the banquette has pullout drawers below.

Dutton uses among the new 18-foot dormers as a bedroom. Lime-green walls, orange accents and chevron-patterned poufs give the space a contemporary, youthful vibe.

The pièce de résistance of the master bath is its copper tub that is sculptural. “Bathing in the bathtub is an exquisite experience,” says Dutton.

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