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Tuscan Travels Inspire a Granite Outdoor Kitchen in Maine

If there’s one item midcoast Maine and Tuscany have in common, it’s rugged beauty. In Tuscany ruggedness comes in fieldstone villas, weathered timbers and aged bricks; in Maine it comes in the woods, sublime coastline and jagged granite outcroppings. So possibly a Tuscany-inspired exterior kitchen at the tony town of Camden, Maine, is not such a stretch.

When this couple came back from a visit to Italy, they were raring to install an outdoor kitchen where they could cook, entertain their friends and discuss their spectacular views of the Camden Hills. A main priority was a pizza oven, which they investigated and researched how to use while still in Italy. The brand new kitchen is adjacent to a brand new library building across from the main property. Following is a glance at how pizza ovens, large hunks of granite, custom and herbs cabinets mix it up with higher Mainer style.

Job at a Glance
Who lives here: That is an outdoor kitchen to get a few.
Location: Camden, Maine
Size: About 600 square feet

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Now this is a granite kitchen. Tons of locally quarried stone comprise this outdoor space, from the walls which hold it up to the kitchen sink. Craftspeople at local business Freshwater Stone finished all of the habit stonework for the project.

Here is a glimpse of the home’s granite-filled gardens and panoramic views.

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“The layout of the exterior kitchen has been driven by the client,” says interior designer Deborah Chatfield. “They are foodies, and they moved to Italy to learn about outdoor pizza ovens and took courses on the best way best to use them.”

As well as the cedar roof overhead, this loggia has infrared heaters and a fireplace to keep everybody warm. It is also wired for speakers.

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The appliances have been tucked away to the left of the fireplace and pizza oven. “As a designer I truly have to obey the client and how they utilize their distance,” Chatfield says. In cases like this the pipes allowances determined a lot of the kitchen’s setup.

The grill is a Hybrid Fire Grill out of Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, and its own vent is camouflaged by habit cabinetry.The cedar cabinets were made by another local craftsman, Ezra Howell of E.H. Fortner Woodworking.

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“Freshwater Stone milled this spout out of one piece of granite to blend in rather than distract from the general aesthetic,” Chatfield says.

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“The clients wanted the patio to have a Tuscan feel though the arrangement is contemporary; we realized that by paying attention to detail,” Chatfield describes. “The overhead lighting is by Holly Hunt, and I believed that the form lent itself to Tuscan.”

This custom-made cherry decoration table was a collaborative effort involving the client, Chatfield and Howell. It can seat up to 20 individuals for casual outdoor gatherings.

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The door to the right of the fireplace (previous photograph) is an entrance to the library (this photograph), which houses books and objects from all over the world.

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The homeowners had this lion’s head fountain and wanted to incorporate it in the project. “The architect placed it there as a bridge to walk across to get to the gardens,” Chatfield says. “It can be observed from the outdoor terrace.”

A granite staircase connects the outdoor kitchen to the rest of the house, providing a direct path to the gardens.

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