The best way to Light a Propane Fireplace Insert

Many homeowners use propane fireplace inserts as an alternative to your wood-burning hearth. The inserts installed and are positioned in the opening of the hearth to offer ambiance and heat inside the room. A propane fireplace utilizes a fuel control valve that stops propane fuel from leaking to the home and regulates the movement of the propane. A set of guidelines should be adopted to light a propane fireplace insert properly.

Locate the knob for the propane fuel valve. Turn the knob to the “Pilot” place. The pilot position is marked on the knob. When the knob is in this place, it enables the propane to flow to the fuel chamber, also called the element and over-rides the shut-off.

Push in the knob and maintain to your non-dominant hand.

Light the stick lighter along with your hand and spot the flame around 1-inch in the element. Pull the stick lighter from the region and turn off it following the fire has started. Following the fireplace has began to enable the thermocouple continue to support the the pilot knob in for around 60 seconds. The thermocouple should warm to carry on to function correctly and is component of the fire-place assembly.

Release the handle knob. Turn the control knob to the required temperature.

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