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How to Attract Squirrels to Your Backyard

Squirrels are located all across North America in both urban and rural settings. Even though a lot of people try to repel squirrels from their backyard, others appreciate the flurry of activity these fluffy rodents add to a landscape. Attracting wildlife, like squirrels, for your garden requires a number of strategies to make your home’s landscape welcoming and friendly.

Supply natural cover from the kinds of hedges, shrubs, tall stands of decorative grass, and heaps of wood or logs. Squirrels are naturally skittish and don’t like wide open spaces, and thick vegetation throughout your landscape provides them the cover which makes them feel safe and cozy.

Plant a couple of squirrel-friendly trees. Such trees have various qualities which specifically attract squirrels, like edible nuts or blooms, branching structure that creates the hollows and crooks that squirrels like to build their nests in, and also readily scalable bark. Cases of trees popular with several kinds of squirrels include conifers like spruces and pines, and deciduous trees like willows and aspens.

Offer squirrels food to rapidly draw in the hungry rodents. Scatter corn to the ground at the base of trees, hang corn cobs from tree branches, and fill bird feeders with nuts which are popular with squirrels, like walnuts, hickory nuts and acorns. Replace the food as it gets depleted.

Provide a supply of clean, fresh water in a shallow bowl or tray. Put several of these dishes throughout your landscape near sanctuary, like a shrub or the foundation of a tree. This is particularly attractive to squirrels and other wildlife on the summer. If you live in a region where natural sources of water have been frozen during the winter, then a water heater, like the kind widely utilized in bird baths, can continue to keep the water warm and accessible to squirrels.

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