The best way to Repair a Door That WoN’t Lock

Door locking issues more often than not originate in the door-latch, not the fasten. The striker does not penetrate to the doorpost as the doorpost or the door is now warped, or the screws have loosened as well as the plate has moved. When the door is close, the striker does not slip in to the receiving hole in the jamb past the striker plate, or it goes into but does not bottom out, keeping the door. A home-owner with resources and basic DIY skills can repair a door that will not latch.

Open the door. Analyze the striker plate. That is the little brass plate on the jamb the striker slips in to. The striker plate is mortised into the jamb. If it has slipped from the mortise or is loose, put it in the mortise and tighten the screws with a Phillips screw-driver.

Close the doorway and attempt to lock it. The door opens. Pat the conclusion of a chisel beneath the doorstop on the striker aspect of the jamb. Pry up on it till it comes free and take it off. Make use of the chisel to get rid of the doorstop on best at the same time.

Take away in the door cease using pliers. The nails can be reused by you. Set the door halt back on the jamb. Place straight back 1/4 inch from it is initial place. Where it arrived off, you need to visit a a definite line in the paint, stain or varnish. Utilize this to align the doorstop. Nail the best and side bit of doorstop straight back on. The door lock and should now close usually.

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