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Go Bold With Gold

Gold has been creating a big splash in home layout, showing up in ceilings to fixtures. The luxe colour popped up in new, daring applications in the 2012 International Contemporary Furniture Fair and the High Point Market. Designers got creative when employing the classic metallic, marrying it with other on-trend materials like marble and brass to the greatest chic statement. Let these metallic spaces motivate you to go daring with golden in your home.

Jona Collins Interior Design

Create an entire vignette of gold furniture and accessories. Try using gold almost. The metallic color works with anything when toned down from a black or white background, which means you can make a large visual flair without going totally overboard.

Heather Garrett Design

Using gold in home design isn’t particularly new, but it’s usually seen in accessories. Rather, consider introducing this glamorous metallic by picking furniture finished in golden, like these eye-catching chairs.

Panache Interiors

Think of the locations which you’d never expect to find gold, like the ceiling. Not only can it immediately contemporize a space, but the reflections can help the space feel more spacious.

Emily Johnston Larkin

It’s not necessary to stop in the ceiling. If you employ up gold shirt, then amplify the trend by pulling the metallic into the space through wallpaper.

Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

Wallpaper and art are great solutions for wall decor. But what about covering a wall in silver foliage? You can not conquer the powerful look, and of course the warm, rich feel this application provides.

Prestige Custom Building & Construction, Inc..

If an entire wall is a bit on the top for you, scale it back by picking gold molding. There’s no denying the glamorous effect, especially when it’s paired with stunning green marble.

Jane Ellison

If the outside of your home requires a dire dose of chic, use gold to front doors. Your visitors will be greeted in fashion.

Natalie Younger Interior Design, Allied ASID

It’s not simple to disguise unsightly home elements like pipes. Rather, make them an enjoyable visual accessory with a coat of paint in a golden hue. Suddenly this pipe fits right into the decor scheme.

For People design

Gold accessories may feel updated and on fashion when paired with brass in some fashion — if it’s a mirror overhead or detailing in the furniture.

david phillips

Maximize your golden by pairing it with timeless marble. Marble sinks are not anything new, but this one introduces an entirely new level of panache with golden hardware, detailing and exposed legs. A mirror framed in golden visually pulls the metallic beams upward.

Elad Gonen

Take this luxurious material matchup into the other rooms in your home. Pair gold furnishings with marble floors in your dining or living areas to greet guests in splendor.

Melissa Miranda Interior Design

Lighting within the island is essential. If your island is finished in marble, consider accessorizing it with gold fittings. Look for something out of the norm — traditional chandeliers receive a fast update when placed inside modern drum sunglasses.

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