Discover Your Dining Table Style

Developing a spectacular dining room starts with the perfect table. There are so many designs on the market, it is hard to know where to start. Let us break it down to help you find the right shape, size, material and style for you.


You: Are a minimalist
Your dining table: No frills

A minimalist metallic table like this one offers an industrial feel and contrasts well with the wood all around. It’s easy to clean up, too. A fundamental wood table would do the job as well.

Many dining places are designed to accommodate a rectangular table to seat six to eight. That’s a good starting point, then it is possible to decide how lively you desire to be with seating, lighting and materials.

Glenn Robert Lym Architect

You: Never know how many people are coming for dinner
Your table: Extending

If you’re going to go rectangular, my personal preference is for an extending table that seats four to six generally, and stretches to seat eight to ten.

Whether you want a drop-leaf farm table shown or one with a more complex built-in panel that’s released to include linear feet, the flexibility for fun is priceless.

Charlie & Co.. Design, Ltd

You: Love rustic design
Your dining table: Farm

You have to have noticed the proliferation of rustic farm-style tables within the past few years. These tables have become quite popular because they hark back to simpler times when farm-to-table food has been the standard and families gathered daily.

Their weathered patina looks good with contemporary or traditional chairs. And their popularity means that you can opt for an original classic or a more affordable reproduction.

Elad Gonen

You: Are a fan of clean, contemporary lines
Your table: Modern glass

Glass can infuse your space with lightness and modernity. Prepare yourself to wash off fatty food smudges, worry about sharp corners with kids around and expect it to be hard to move. It is a sensible option for few families, making it special. Think about a frosted glass top for ease of cleaning.

Fusion House

You: Are a conservationist and nature lover
Your dining table: Salvaged timber

Salvaged wood plank tables have gained admirers lately and work best from the rectangular shapes. The organic beauty of the shrub is conducive to epic proportions and valued in everyday usage.

On account of the lack of the timber and the custom function that goes into producing each piece, these tables twice as art pieces, and their prices reflect their attractiveness.

Dream House Studios

You: are conventional and family oriented
Your dining table: Traditional round

Some families prefer round tables because they allow every person to face one another, pass food around easily and feel more social.

The neat thing about round tables is you can generally fit one or two guests at the dining table at a pinch. The table is the great equalizer.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Round tables are space efficient and fit well in smaller dining rooms.

For People design

You: Like around tables and are edgy
Your table: Modern round

Recall the warnings above glass tables, but they flaunt the centered legs of a table especially well, and also you don’t have those sharp corners to fret about.

Particular modern round designs work well with glass tops once the base is sculptural or the legs are made of a different material. Look for surprising combinations that can challenge your preconceived notions of the table.

KuDa Photography

You: Love classic midcentury modern design
Your dining table: Saarinen-inspired round

Lovers of midcentury modern gravitate to the Saarinen table for its own retro style. The first includes a marble top, but there’s an Ikea variation in plastic for all those on a budget.

The bright white top and compact tulip base in any material is cheerful and pairs well with so many distinct types of lighting and chairs.

Annette English

The oval version is additional unusual and combines the very best of all worlds: round, rectangular, contemporary and retro. It has a high-end-design look.

Sandrin Leung Architecture

YouLove the nightlife
Your dining table: Counter height

Another trend in dining is elevated counter-height tables with encompassing stools to your casual loungelike feel in your home.

This is a fun setup for light entertaining and young families — imagine a tapas and wine-tasting night .

What’s your table style?

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