Color Feast: The Way To Use Black at the Dining Room

White insides are more popular than ever, but I will make a pitch for often-overlooked black because a characteristic colour on your dining area. Injecting a generous swath of shameful is a simple way to add sophistication and drama into a space. But before you clad your entire dining area in the colour, take a look at my tips for working with black combined with these seven sensational black dining rooms to inspire you.

Roughan Interior Design

A floor-to-ceiling black painted wall is very tricky to pull away. It requires an abundant number of natural lighting to avoid its feeling overwhelming and oppressive. But painting just a portion of the wall will provide you a sharp dash of black without making the space feel like a cave.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

Black floor actually grounds a space without making it overly dark. Further hints of black at the accessories and furnishings, along with plenty of white, can provide you a stunning backdrop for splashes of brighter hues, like the yellow in the art displayed here.

Jennifer Worts Design Inc..

Here is another dining area with a black floor and white walls which is striking without feeling overly thick. For those fond of white spaces, then consider including a good bit of black into the mix for some great contrast.

Elad Gonen

Here is the way to do a full-height black painted wall. This space will get plenty of natural lighting, which combines with the abundance of white to make an open and airy feel despite the large black accent wall. Black absorbs light and tends to look flat, so by pairing it with glossy finishes, you are going to get some much-needed glow.

Heintzman Sanborn Architecture~Interior Design

In case you’ve got interesting architectural details to emphasize, use black with white (or a different light hue) to place these features apart from one another. You are able to definitely see and appreciate the beautiful barrel-vault ceiling on account of the high-contrast colors used here.

Lizette Marie Interior Design

Typically you want your dining area to have a comfy and intimate vibe. In case you’ve got a tall ceiling, then you can visually lower it and make closeness by painting it black. Again, you will want a good amount of light, and I would limit the use of large quantities of black at the rest of the space, so it does not get too dim and cave-like. The black ceiling here also offers a great background for this fabulous Sputnik chandelier.

Urrutia Design

Seeking add drama to your dining area but worry about painting your walls or ceiling black? Consider other often-overlooked places where you can inject black, like on doors, wood trim or lighting fixtures. These black painted sliding barn doors, in addition to the large black-framed mirror and oversize black-shade pendants become the focal points of this enchanting dining area.

Jennifer Ott Design

Every paint company has a handful of blacks to choose from. Some are cooler, with hints of green or blue, while some are warmer and mind toward brown black. You can really see these subtle differences when you view the colour chips side by side. Greenish and brown blacks can sometimes look a bit murky to me, so I like to stick to blacks who have some white or blue in them.

Black paint picks for dining rooms (from left to right):

1. Bravura 140-6, Mythic Paint
2. Black Magic D58-6, Olympic
3. Dark Engine DE6350, Dunn-Edwards
4. Black Mica A2009, Glidden

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