12 Tricks for Updating the Restroom

Now that’s it is officially the year, it is time to get started freshening things up around the house. Ask yourself this question: how is the bathroom looking these days? Would you feel as though it could use a little something extra, but not quite sure what’s missing? Whether your bathroom remodeling budget is big or small, you will find alternatives for all. Read on for ideas that will help you reinvent your bathroom this year.

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Lori Shaffer

Replace your own mirror. Mirrors can make a big difference in any room, but they are particularly important in the restroom, as they will need to be extremely functional yet also in line with the total décor. Make sure yours is big enough for everyday tasks like shaving and applying makeup, but also check to find out if it fits appropriately in the space allotted and fits the toilet’s scheme. Otherwise, it may be time to get something new.

Joel Kelly Design

Insert a rug. Note: this isn’t the same as a tub mat. Rugs in bathrooms feel somewhat unexpected, and since they are generally more colorful and distinctive than a typical bathmat, they include loads of flair and personality to the space.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

Change out your hardware. This can be a cheap change that may make all of the difference. Hardware choices these days provide you near-endless options of styles and finishes. Search for something that’s distinctive while complementing your décor.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Get the walls on the act. Toilet wall treatments can define the style of your space. Whether or not you would like to produce a statement with bold background or create a relaxing setting with a neutral paint color, it is a change that will improve the entire space in an affordable way.

Rethink Design Studio

Introduce color. To jazz up a neutral room, include pops of color through accessories, furniture, towels — bar soap.

Shane D. Inman

Maximize your dressing table. When the year ahead holds a bathroom remodel, then be sure to think about your dressing table. It is possible you’ll want it custom made to fit all of your needs, like the accession of a makeup counter in this example.

Dick Clark + Associates

Evaluate your lighting. We spend a great deal of time observing ourselves at the bathroom mirror, which means that your lighting ought to be top-notch. Maximize as much natural light as you can, and make certain your vanity mirrors are flanked with light to reduce shadows.


Consider your flooring. It’s easy to fall back on average bathroom flooring choices like tile. But, consider making a statement by choosing a bold alternative like these herringbone floors. Your bathroom will feel really chic.

Gast Architects

Amp the storage. Take a fantastic look in your bathroom. Are your storage choices carrying their weight? If you are renovating, make storage one of the top priorities by thinking of all of the ways you can sneak it in, like adding a vanity tower similar to this.

Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

Thankfully, adding storage doesn’t require a full-on renovation. Hang shelving on the wall to create space for towels and other knickknacks.

Melissa Davis Design

Take a glass shower door. Yes, glass shower doors decrease the solitude of the shower. Nonetheless, in small bathrooms, they help the space seem bigger, which may greatly improve the look and texture of the space.

Judith Balis Interiors

Add accessories. Personalizing a space always makes it feel more homey and comfy.

David Howell Design

Bring the flowers. Every space is improved with the addition of fresh flowers. Bring a couple flowers from the garden or market and you’ve created a brand new and colorful attachment for very little cash.

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