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To Repaint a Dishwasher

Realtors tell their clients that kitchens help to sell houses. If youneed to liven up your kitchen on a budget and’re putting your home on the market, paint your appliances. This strategy permits you to match one appliance, like a dishwasher, to other components, like stove and a refrigerator. Decide on a quality appliance paint, made to stand up to high temperatures and resist peeling. Whilst paint are found in a selection of colors, epoxy paint comes in colors such as white, bisque and stainless-steel.

Unscrew the device out of the countertop by opening up the dishwasher and obtaining the screws in the inside top of the unit. Roll the dishwasher on paper or a drop cloth on the floor nearby. Alternatively, you can leave the appliance in place and employ painter’s tape to insure nearby surfaces which you don’t want painted.

Wash the dishwasher’s leading surface with water, soap and a sponge to remove stains and dirt. Dry with a towel.

Cover the control panel of the dishwasher so that they’ll stay paint-free, and manage with painter’s tape.

Roughen metal surfaces of the dishwasher with steel wool or sandpaper will adhere. Wipe off the dust with a tack cloth.

Paint the dishwasher together with the tooth or epoxy paint’s surface. Stir the paint lightly, yet thoroughly. Dip the paint brush into the can and apply thin, even coats. Pour into a paint tray if using a roller. Allow the paint.

Allow the paint or stated on the paint can’s instructions. Remove the painter’s tape and then push on the appliance back .

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