The Way to Transform a Sideboard Into a Bathroom Vanity

You have streamlined the dining room, and the sideboard has lost its lease. You have the bathroom to remodel, an insufficient budget, and this piece of furniture with no home. Recycle the sideboard save some money and indulge yourself with decoration which includes storage and is tasteful — or idiosyncratic — to be holding toothbrushes up.

Ink Steps and Toilet Paper

Measure everything twice. You can cut the legs onto a too-tall sideboard back; counter height and ideal sink is about 33 inches from the ground — but too broad or too heavy is a deal killer. Determine the ideal sink fashion As soon as you understand the sideboard will fit. A drop-in sink is one of the conversions but you will eliminate storage space and could lose whole drawers because of the sink thickness and pipes. A vessel sink sits well on top of the sideboard, and you will have more room for toilet paper and towels inside. Vessel sinks need a seal between furniture and sink shirt and some cut-outs. Additional considerations are if you will set a stone shirt and how a high-profile vessel sink impacts the rest of the decoration.

Sleek, High-Style or Shabby

Work with what you have got or look for what you need — in flea markets, thrift shops, online or in the attic. A sideboard is needed by A formal bathroom with a ceramic sink along with wall sconces. Baroque, Rococo or Neoclassical designs are strong contenders for this dressing table. Your classic, not bath with the mishmash of porcelain and tile will happily welcome a white porcelain sink along with a distressed and whitewashed sideboard. The modern sideboard could hold double sided or sinks in front of a mirrored wall.

Practical Topics

Sinks have plumbing and must be sealed and secured. You’ll be cutting that sideboard plan it in advance. Eliminate, measure and mark in which the sink will nestle in the top of the sideboard and where the pipes come in the wall. Eliminate the front of a drawer and re-attach it to the sideboard as a front, or you might have to cut down one or more drawers to accommodate the pipes. New sinks include a template prior to cutting the counter with a jigsaw to drop into a 20, to follow. There is A vessel sink more stable with a cutout it can break in, but you can set it to the counter. Constantly run a line of clean caulk or on the inner edge of the cutout.

Top It Off

Finish the top of a wood with, stained or painted, sideboard polyurethane or polyacrylic to protect the wood from spills. Apply a couple of coats with adequate time for drying between programs. Prior to using the dressing table, Allow the finish cure for a week to a surface. A more elaborate and permanent counter top surface is a counter — or a slab of slate, granite or marble. Search for trash stone in a quarry In the event the dressing table is small. There are frequently ends left over from a undertaking, such as a kitchen that is whole, and you can get those at a discount. It’s a bonus when the quarry has the amenities to cut on the stone for you. Laying tile lets you personalize a ceramic shirt, but you’ll want to seal the grout thoroughly to prevent, or delay, mold or stains.

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