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The way to Keep Bathroom Towels From Smelling Musty

Wrapping yourself in a soft plush towel after a bath or shower both relaxes and comforts, yet this feeling quickly turns to disgust using a towel tainted by an unpleasant odor. Fresh-smelling towels also encourage better health, as that signature musty scent indicates the presence of bacteria. Whenever your towels smell musty, you have easy and cost-effective techniques at your hands to get and keep them smelling fresh.

Wash Body, Wash Towel

Bath towels remain as clean as the men and women who use them. If you do not get your body adequately clean throughout the washing procedure, bodily fluids, like perspiration and oils, end up on towels. Thoroughly soap and rub every area of the body — particularly regions where perspiration accumulates, like feet, underarms, upper thighs and the groin area — to prevent bacteria from moving to towels after a bath.

Air it Out

A damp towel cast onto the floor or stuffed to the arc becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria which causes musty smells. A dirty clothes hamper’s surroundings — dark and damp — intercede with the drying process and leads to bacteria development. Rather than wadding towels up into a bunch from the dirty clothes basket, then hang up them immediately after use on a drying rack, shower enclosure or pole. After washing, hang towels outside in the sun to dry to prevent mildew growth and create them smell fresh.

Washing Awareness

A lot of men and women overlook a common hiding spot for bacteria in the home: the washing machine. Run a empty load with 2 cups of vinegar, ammonia, lemon juice or bleach lonely to disinfect the interior of the washer before laundering your towels in hot water to the highest setting. Don’t mix bleach and ammonia as well, as they unite to form a toxic gas. Scrub across the washing machine’s lid and door where mildew and mold gather. Small loads and detergent boosters add to your machine’s cleansing capabilities, while removing towels immediately following the cycle’s conclusion prevents bacterial breeding. Repeat this procedure frequently, allowing towels to thoroughly dry after every wash as a preemptive measure against the development of mold and mildew.

A Wash Closet

Along with maintaining a hygienic washing machine and clean towels, then it’s also helpful to maintain your linen closet smelling fresh. Search for linen sprays and sachets that remove stale smells from cupboards. Dryer sheets are also an effective way to freshen up a closet and imbue towels using a sharp, clean scent. When you maintain unused scented candles in your linen cupboard, it also can help to neutralize the musty odors that could accumulate in the cupboard.

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