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The way to Fix the Backflow Valve on a Sprinkler

A backflow valve typically resides between your home’s main water supply link and your sprinkler system to prevent any water flow. This insulating material ensures that your potable or drinking water supply isn’t contaminated with debris or substances in the gardening area. However, backflow valves fail over time from daily wear and tear pressure — Water escapes commonly start between the cover’s link point and valve body. Repairing your backflow valve involves basic replacement parts so that you don’t have any wasteful leaks that significantly lower your water pressure.

Turn off your main water supply.

Locate the ball valve lever at the backflow valve’s base. Hand turn the lever till it is perpendicular to the valve body. This lever prevents any remaining water from the attached piping from going through the valve during mend.

Remove the nut on the bell cover with a small wrench. Don’t strip the nut when turning the wrench. There can be rust holding the nut in place if you have had a prolonged water leak.

Slide the bell cover off the valve body.

Remove the bonnet and poppet in the valve’s inside. These parts might be in bits within the valve body if you had a steady water flow.

Inspect the valve body’s inside for any loose bits. All parts need to be eliminated from the interior prior to brand new components can be installed.

Slide a poppet into the valve. Place a bonnet on top of the poppet.

Slide the bell cover back to the valve. Confirm that it lies even with the cover of the valve. Confirm that the bonnet and poppet are aligned correctly in the event the bell cover stays lopsided before tightening it down.

Place the nut onto the bell cover. Hand tighten the nut to the valve. Don’t use a wrench for tightening. A hand instrument may damage the threads or nut.

Hand turn the valve’s base lever so that it is parallel with the attached pipe.

Turn on your primary water supply.

Activate your sprinkler system. Notice the backflow device. No water should leak from its link points.

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