The best way to Replace Knobs on a Fuel Stove

The temperature-control knobs on a gas-stove undergo heating and cooling cycles that will cause them to become brittle to the idea of breaking. If twisted too much they can split. You may want to change the knobs eliminate and change the knobs to clear them, or to update the look of your stove. Knobs are available for most key stove manufacturers. Universal knobs match several manufacturers.

Turn the stove burners off. Wait before the stove is great. Pull the knobs immediately from your stove. On fuel stoves, the knobs are held on Ad-shaped shaft by friction in place. Abandon them in place whether there are seals beneath the knobs. Spray using a bit of penetrating lubricant when an accumulation of grease makes a knob difficult to eliminate. Use the pliers to eliminate it if your knob is especially stubborn.

Double-check they fit your stove and that the replacement stove knobs are for a gas-stove. The shafts on electric stoves are formed differently from those on fuel stoves. Wipe clear control-panel and the shafts using a kitchen sponge or soft cloth.

Line up the D-shaped holes in the knobs using the D-shaped shafts. Push the knobs that are new straight till they quit moving. Check for proper procedure by turning off and on the burner.

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