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The Best Doors to get a South-Facing Entrance

Homes with entries that face the south can expect the front door to be in the sun all day unless the yard is bountifully landscaped or the house faces a barrier that blocks sunlight. The right and best choice for a front door is really a personal issue, but some choices are better than others for durability, beauty and strength, all important qualities for a south-facing entry door. The very best door choice for a south-facing entrance is a garage door made from strong materials.

The Durability of Fiberglass

Fiberglass doors give an attractive choice to get a south-facing entrance door. Because of the way they are created, the door’s shade is permeated within the fiberglass itself, making it able to resist the consequences of a south-facing entrance. But, with time, the shade can fade if exposed to direct sunlight for the majority of the day. A metallic door might not appear as powerful as wood or steel, but they’re; in fact, “Consumer Reports” reports that is it is not the door that’s the safety issue, as most doors are powerful: It is the type of locks used that make the door protected from illegal entry. Fiberglass doors have the longest lifespan — up to 20 years — compared to steel or wood, making them the top choice for a south-facing entrance.

Inexpensive Steel

The front door has to be powerful enough to guarantee the safety of the within, while at exactly the exact same time be inviting and attractive enough to welcome visitors to your residence, as it commands attention and can enhance or detract from the home’s curb appeal. Steel entry doors don’t have to look as though they belong to a industrial setting, as improvements in technology and paints make them attractive as wood and cheaper. Far more energy-efficient than wood, steel doors that are Energy-Star certified provide one of the top choices for a front door. And because of the way they are made, they have tighter-fitting frames, and the windows in them are often dual- or even triple-paned. Drawbacks include life spans of only five to seven years when subjected to heavy weather or salt air.

The Warmth of Wood

The most famous type of door and the most expensive is wood, usually the choice for luxury residences. Wood appeals to a lot of people because of its appearance and warmth, but, when facing south, these doors take a big beating. Some wood doors also have limited warranties based on the way they face. When faced with constant sun, the wood ages quickly, making it the best choice for a south-facing front door. Wood doors are also not as powerful and energy efficient as doors made from steel or fiberglass.

South Entry Door Colors

A south-facing entrance is dominated by powerful yang — male — vigor and represents a great way for a house with fire as its main element. In feng shui practices, south reflects popularity, reputation and popularity. Add plants across the front entry of a south-facing door and choose colors in the red spectrum to get the very best feng shui effects. A water feature near the front door also can help to minimize the fire energy that can create conflicts in the house whilst helping to attract riches.

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