Plumbing Maintenance Tips & Tricks

From time to time, you will need simple or elaborate plumbing work done around the house. This could be for new installations of repairs. You can save a lot of money and time by knowing some simple tricks. With these tips, you might not even need to hire an expert because you will be able to handle your plumbing needs on your own. Take note that for most of these tips, you will not spend more than $20 on any of the things needed:

Sprayer Snarls And Pipe Insulation

The hose may catch on the shut-off valves whenever you jiggle it when you want to use the kitchen sink sprayer. To make things easier, insert half an inch of foam pipe insulation into the shut-off handles and pipes. Hold it in place with tape. The insulation should cost around $3.

Creaking Pipes

Copper pipes may expand when you run hot water through them. As they expand, they will keep grinding against joists and pipe hangers. You can get some felt at the local store and slice it into small strips. Wrap the strips around each hanger before you refasten them in their place.

Loud Sink Noises

If your sink makes a lot of noise, get some expanding foam and insert it into the spaces between the sink basins. This will reduce the noise by containing most of the vibration. You can do this as a form of repair when the sink is already in place, but it is best to do it before you install the sink. Allow the foam time to harden and then you can use a knife to trim the overflow.

Orienteering Pipes

In case you are not sure where the pipes are located under your floor, affix an electrical fish tape to a neodymium magnet. Through the cleanout plug, insert it into the drain lines. With a normal compass, you can then locate the position of the magnet and see how the pipe was laid out. Practical plumbers for any home.

Removing Hard Objects

Toys, combs and other everyday items may find their way into the drain accidentally. It’s not possible to remove them with a plunger because it will only push them further into the drainage, making the situation worse. However, with a dry or wet shop vacuum, you can suck out the object.

Bucket Flush

When your bathroom is under plumbing service, you do not need to suffer in silence or have to use the neighbor’s bathroom. Before you cut off the water supply to the bathroom, fill a few buckets with water. To flush your toilet, dump the water in the bowl. It works just like flushing the toilet, with the exception of not having to refill the bowl.

Blueprints Repair

Once any remodeling project is completed, it’s always wise to take photos of the floors and anything else that lies underneath. This will help you when you need to undertake a similar project in the future, because you will know where all the plumbing, frames and electrical lines are, reducing the risk of any accidental damage while searching for the layout.