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Get Onboard With Wainscoting

If you walk into a home with wainscoting, you can almost feel the traditional richness. A kind of paneling originally created to cover the lower portion of walls for practical reasons, like shielding against dampness and regular damage, wainscoting has evolved and is currently used mainly for cosmetic motives. But if it had been added to your home in the 1800s or last week, it provides a wonderful opportunity for distinct architectural detail that may really be amplified if handled properly on your decor. Get ready to bring your paneling.

Witt Construction

Complement it with a wall program, such as a mural. The juxtaposition of both wainscoting’s textured panels using an engaging visual like a mural makes a compelling combination that stands the wainscoting on edge. When paired together, the distinction of every becomes improved.

Brownhouse Design

Here’s another example, with background rather than a mural. The whimsical nature of the background paired with the exactitude of wainscoting is the best mixture of modern meets traditional.

Blount Architectual and Interior Design

Paint the wainscoting exactly the exact same color in a different colour, but as the walls. In this picture, deep blue walls feel refreshed when blended with the lighter blue of the wainscoting. Preventing the wainscoting white will obviously also help brighten the distance, but color is a more contemporary option.

Glenn Gissler Design

Here’s the concept, but reversed. This program can be a good choice for rooms with lower ceilings, as the lighter wall over the wainscoting can trick the eye into believing they are greater.

Mandy Brown Architects, PC

Avoid pairing white wainscoting with walls. If you want lighter neutrals instead of lots of color, choose different colors for the wainscoting versus the wall, even if they change only slightly. When everything is all white, the attractiveness of wainscoting doesn’t get a opportunity to stand on its own.

RD Architecture, LLC

If you choose to paint the wainscoting an unexpected colour, pull it in the room through the decoration. In this bedroom, pink linens assist make cohesion using the pink color selected for the wainscoting.

David Ludwig – Architect

Though this is normally a frequent practice, attempt to maintain the wainscoting and encompassing molding the identical color. In this manner, the architectural detail will probably feel continuous, resulting in an elevated awareness of harmony throughout the space.

The Virginia House

If you choose to hang artwork over the wainscoting, look for bits that represent similar components into the paneling’s details to maximize its presence. This windowpane reflects the perpendicular lines and thick edge of the wainscoting.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Frames that are about precisely the exact same width as components in the wainscoting will even help create a connection between both and pull the unique detailing of their paneling up the wall.

Darci Goodman Design

When the wainscoting runs rather high on the wall, consider complementing it by wide pieces of artwork. This helps to perform on a feeling of expanded width accomplished from the wainscoting.

Witt Construction

If renovations are in your budget, consider complementing your wainscoting using a exceptional element, this type of wall cutout. Finish it in a frame that is in precisely the exact same color or reflects similar details of the wainscoting. This works particularly well when there’s also molding at the top of the wall, as the three components of architectural detail produce a vertical line of connection from floor to ceiling.

Goforth Gill Architects

Maximize your wainscoting in a practical sense by adding a shelf into the perimeter. This makes a place for whatever from decorative knickknacks for extra personality to a toothpaste tube needing a readily accessible home.

The Wonders of Wainscoting
Give Your Walls an Architectural Dimension

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