Dressed-Up Headboards Ride High in Bedrooms

The headboard is among the greatest design components in a bedroom, so dress up your area using a unique one. Predictable arrangements can create a bedroom feel boring — mix things up with unframed artwork, found bits and mixes of unexpected treasures. Pick interesting pieces that match the shape of your headboard, or pick a headboard so unusual that it needs no accessorizing in any way.

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Play Away the Footboard

A footboard this special needs some spiced-up art. Here, two organic timber planks replicate the form and orientation of this bed but add a little curve to the formality of this frame. Another advantage: People planks fill the tall angled wall from bed to ceiling and lead your attention toward the expansive space over. Conventional art would have abandoned an awkward large white area.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

Emphasize the Horizontal

If you’ve got a print you really love, combine it with different accents for interest. This mixture of art, a horizontal architectural piece, beautifully textured wallpaper and a great light fixture makes for an eye catching collection.

Annette English

Emphasize the Vertical

If you’ve got a lengthy and low headboard, think about bringing a vertical element into the area for height. These hanging glass bubbles are the perfect contrast to this long, horizontal line of this headboard.

Cherie Marcel

Be Unexpected

Here is another option for spicing up your headboard. Hang artwork above some of the headboard and add a tiny DIY artwork to the wall behind. Both of these additions keep things unpredictable and interesting.


Utilize Asymmetry

Sometimes a headboard needs is a tiny asymmetry. Here a small print accounts the bed as part of a simple asymmetrical arrangment. The white and black printing and frame match the colours and shape of the bed.

Notice how the bed is put off centre from the window to the left, while the frame is put off center to the right. That one little print makes all work perfectly — akin to a pair of diamond studs.

The window is the most important point of interest in this area, so a group of artwork is put off centre to balance the weight of this view with the remainder of the room.

JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

Don’t Overdo It

If you’ve got a truly fabulous headboard, just leave it alone. Any extra accessories will just detract from the appearance.

You understand those women on Oscar night that wear a beautifully beaded, glamorous dress and then wear a giant diamond necklace as well? Overaccessorizing a headboard is your bedroom edition of an overdone celebrity on the worst-dressed list.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

This black headboard looks like a picture ink blot on a bright white wall. Art would just remove from this effect — leaving the headboard alone makes it far more impactful.

Castro Design Studio

Emphasize Shape

If your headboard has a exceptional shape, play around to highlight it. These tiny little mirrors are the perfect exclamation point on these double headboards.

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

Organized from small to large, this collection of prints gives the cathedral form of this headboard an even bigger presence.

Joel Kelly Design

Split It Up

If you adore prints but do not want to stick with the traditional a couple of prints over the bed, try dividing the bits in multiple frames. Fill up walls using a gallery of your own favorites.

Take a look at your headboard today. Add something special, take a couple of things off or just start from scratch.

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