Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees That Wow

Designers across the globe are taking a special spin on their Christmas trees, which makes them fun and colorful focal points of their vacation houses. Trees dressed in fresh color schemes, fanciful creatures and even sock monkeys alter a room throughout the holidays.

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Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Think pink! This gorgeous tree decorated by designer Tobi Fairley contrasts with color and fun.

To get the look, start off with a plain white tree and utilize bold decorations in jewel toned colours with many sparkles, stripes and sock monkeys.

suzanne pignato

Miss the shore? Bring it home this winter by decorating your tree in a seaside theme.

Designer Suzanne Pignato decorated this tree with starfish decorations, peacock feathers, royal blue ribbon, and Christmas decorations in cool tones that complement the rest of the room.

It is a white, white Christmas!

Tip: You can find a look of snow on your tree using a mixture of salt and baby powder. (Kosher salt’s coarser grains operate best.) Sprinkle your home made snow on tree branches or wreaths to get a touch of faux frost.

Pick decorations in clear or trendy tones to get an even icier appearance.

Hydrangea Home

Mini feathered trees create a great addition to a side or buffet table. This designer hung garlands above a mirror and filled a cute dish with ornamental trinkets.

To receive a natural appearance and bring the outside in, place evergreen leaves round your centerpieces.

Try another spin on your tree this year and opt for a groovy white tree with pops of blue decorations and clip-on peacocks. A tree in this way stands out in an area with colorful walls.

Nicole Lanteri Design

Use what you have around your house to create your own decorations. Private touches and mementos out of your journeys are great conversation starters and create your shrub unique.

Pack on the decorations and wrap your tree to make a grand announcement. Tie in the remainder of your d├ęcor, since this designer did with red ornaments and accent pillows.

A white tree blends with the remainder of this room which makes it an ideal fit without needing too much attention.

White trees have become increasingly popular since they are very versatile. They can be completed in traditional fashion, or in ultra modern colours such as pink, black, and purple. To decorate yours, then stick to a color scheme and buy an arrangement of white and silver decorations for a trendy look just like this — or warm it up with decorations in soft golden and red tones.

Tip: When it comes to lights to get a white tree, don’t forget to purchase those with white cords!

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